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Troubleshooting Common Blue Screen Error Messages

Topic 2:Troubleshooting Common Blue Screen Error Messages


These two errors have similar causes and the same troubleshooting steps apply to both of them. These stop codes always occur during the startup process. When you encounter one of these stop codes, the following has happened:

1牋燭he system has completed the Power-On Self-Test (POST).

2牋燭he system has loaded NTLDR and transferred control of the startup process to NTOSKRNL (the kernel).

3牋燦TOSKRNL is confused. Either it cannot find the rest of itself, or it cannot read the file system at the location it believes it is stored.
When troubleshooting this error, your task is to find out why the Windows kernel is confused and fix the cause of the confusion.
Things to check:

  • The SATA controller configuration in the system BIOSIf the SATA controller gets toggled from ATA to AHCI mode (or vice versa), then Windows will not be able to talk to the SATA controller because the different modes require different drivers. Try toggling the SATA controller mode in the BIOS.
  • RAID settingsYou may receive this error if you've been experimenting with the RAID controller settings. Try changing the RAID settings back to Autodetect (usually accurate).
  • Improperly or poorly seated cablingTry reseating the data cables that connect the drive and its controller at both ends.
  • Hard drive failureRun the built-in diagnostics on the hard drive. Remember:Code 7signifies correctable data corruption,notdisk failure.
  • File system corruptionLaunch the recovery console from the Windows installation disc and runchkdsk /f /r.
  • Improperly configured BOOT.INI (Windows XP).If you have inadvertently erased or tinkered with the boot.ini file, you may receive stop code 0x7B during the startup process. Launch the recovery console from the Windows installation disc and runBOOTCFG /REBUILD



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