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Gmail Tips

This part should be the most important in this working

Mail management

Do remember: No more folder or group for Gmail, only Label

From the left list, .

The label can be used to archive mails with. When you create new label, then you can see it in the right list, and it also can be used to be choosen at the top of every mail.

For example:

I create one label named as 揘ew label,

then you can see it .

Now when you try to open any mail in your mailbox, you can check the top of mail preview page.

Question:1. What抯 different between 揗ove to and Labels

You can find 揘ew label button no matter you press 揗ove to or 揕abels.

The different is: when you press 揗ove to other label, the choosen mail won抰 be found in mailbox.

When you press the label in 揕abels, it can show in mailbox and the label folder. Especially, there will be one label in the mail preview page.

Like .

Ok, now, we are still not satisfied with the label to manage mail, cause too many label be added, but still hard to figure out.

I suggest you to mark different label with different color to make more convenience.

Question:2. Use different color to manage label to make mail management smooth.

You can find the icon to expand option for label.

You can make your choice how, when and in which way to display the label. Like choose red for 揘ew label.


In the above pic, you can find Inbox, All Mail, Spam, Trash

All deleted mails will be saved in Trash, this is our chance to restore mail we deleted by mistake.

Spam, all the mails you label as spam would be moved to here. The more important is you won抰 receive any mail from the address you labeled as spam. If you don抰 do anything for the mails in spam, they will be deleted in 15 days later.

Question:3.Is there any different between Inbox and All Mail?

Maybe you have already found 揂rchive button in mail list page, when you press 揂rchive after you choose one mail, then the mail only can be found in 揂ll Mail, disappear in Inbox

What happened actually, this is other way provided from Google to user to manage mails. In daily work, some mails is not important, but we don抰 wanna delete them. But too many mails saved in mailbox, it become inconvenient for us to review mails. Here comes method, you don抰 need to spend time to clear up this kind of mails, but it also can be found if you want it.

Settings for Gmail

All configuration as you prefer can be done in Mail settings, the icon at the top of page.

In General,

You can find the assistant for out of office, signature, desktop notifications, stars and so on

I would like to introduce Desktop Notifications, the function only can be used with Google Chrome. This part also connected with Calendar.

Enable this, even new mail comes as same topic as earlier mails, there would be also reminder for you.

Stars, drag the stars between the lists, the stars will rotate in the order shown below when you click successively. You just need to make all stars in use.

Qusetion:1. Stars can be our other way to manage mails.

Labs is the other useful assistant for Gmail.

You can enable useful add-ins for your Gmail.

Recommend Labs:

1.牋牋 Inserting images: Enable this one, you can insert any pic into your mail now. When you reply mail or create new mail, the button will be found under the receiver抯 mail address. Press the button, you can upload any pic on your computer.

One software be prepared to guide you cut picture, you can install it by yourself from the below link, just double click Go.cmd

I:\EDP Procedures\Business_2.0_screenhunter-Id1

Question:1.How to copy excel to mail?

Different programme language caused the problem.

For right now, we need to copy form to Word first, then paste to mail.

2.牋牋 Undo Send

Oops, hit 揝end too soon? Stop message from being sent for a few seconds after hitting the send button.

3.牋牋 Google Calendar gadget

Adds a box in the left column which shows your Google Calendar. See upcoming events, locations, and details.

4.牋牋 Filter import/export

Export your mail filter as a file: back them up, share them, or save them before deleting so you can restore them later. Import one of these files to quickly add or restore filters.

5.牋牋 Move Icon Column

Move the column containing the attachment and other icons over to the left hand side to make it more noticeable.

This also can be useful to manage mails.

Email editing

For this part, I would like answer some questions I collected before:

Question:1.How to check receivers job tile and contact number.

Once when you get one new mail, maybe you want to know about these.

When you click one mail to view, at the right column, all receivers will be displayed, also including their job tile and contact number.

The button , used to expand all information of receivers and senders.

Question:2.Return receipt setting.

Under receivers mail address, one function named as 揜equest Return Receipt, just press it, it can be unable to be used.

Question:3.How to send mail at fixed time.

In order to send mail at fixed time, we have to install other software,


Get access the link, follow the guide to install the component successful.

When you create new mail, new function will be found .

You can try to use it to get familiar with it.

Be noticed: it only be available when the language set as English.

More questions be welcome


Same as Gmail, all configuration can be done in Settings.

As our IP address of workplace belongs to Singapore, maybe the time zone of calendar is not what we exactly need. Please make your change to GMT + 8 before you use the calendar in 揋eneral.

Event reminders: Press Notifications, you can set configuration for the reminders.

Like send mail or Pop-up new windows to remind you.

Only chrome make it available.

Email search

Google is the expert of searching, also be good to support search function for Gmail.

1.Way to search mail by sender, input 揻rom:*** or 搕o:*** in search bar to search mail.

2.Way to search mail by key word.

Just input key word, or input 揝ubject:***

3.Recover mails which been deleted by mistake

Like 搃n:trash subject:*** from:***

4.Find out some kind of mails, like with attachment

揌as:attachment from:*** label:***

Just simple example to show you the idea how to search in Gmail.

The following training about documents sharing,



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