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NOVOTS KMS .: 工作心得 .: 常用的英语





revise the illegal character 修改非法字符

Duplicate doucment 复制文件

For any quesiton, pls feel free to let me know.有任何问题请随时提出。

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me有任何问题请随时提出。

Any questions,pls feel free to let me know.有问题随时联系!

What does the status "blank" represent 这状态是空白的表示/代表什么?

could you help to clarify it for us? 澄清,解释清。

Be aware that the alert criteria must be very clear and monitoring steps with scream shot are needed. 要特别注意的是../ 抓屏,截图。

Please help on this! 请帮助。

I fully understand your team's tight resource problem and highly appreciate your strong support and effort on it for a long time. 紧张的不够充足的资源。

hopefully you guys can help figure out a better solution 希望(还可以这样用)

submit this ticket 建工单。

And we will still keep in touch with XX 保持联系!

It will be more efficient and proactive when the tool are ready 有效的/富有前瞻性的,积极的。

So to identify them and correct them is a great challenge for us 所以判断确定并且解决它对于我们来说的确是一个挑战。


Abbreviation 缩写

fulfillment 实行、履行

collaboration 沟通

kick off 开始做某事

kick off meeting 启动大会开工会

inventory 库存 存货

Execution 执行、执行力

integration  集成、综合

Architecture 建筑学、体系构架

Adjust 调整

Schema 模式、构架

Interface 界面、接触面

address the issues 处理有关事宜

determine 确定,判决

consultant 顾问



ASAP-as soon as possible的缩写

w/o without的缩写

archiving mechanism 存档机制

Deployed 部署,展开

SR Server Requirements的缩写

To date 至今,迄今为止

Overachieve 完成的要比预期的好。

PS. – 顺便,附带,附录。Postscript的缩写。

Identify 确定 辨认。

Re-Trigger 重新触发。

Exclude 排除。

Coordinate 协调、调整

Month end closing 月结

FYI: 仅供参考

KT: 培训


I'd like to let you know Daniel Wang at CBS IT has always been very professional,

cheerful and helpful. He does not only have very solid skills to solve the problems,

but also gives the tips how to deal with it. So, he is not only a problem solver but also a teacher




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