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Hyperlink Issue in MS Excel and Word

1.When you click a Hyperlink in Excel or Word the following error message is seen:
This operation has been cancelled due to restrictions in effect on this computer. Please contact your system administrator.

2.Example of causes , but not limited to, may be a result of:
The problem can be triggered after an upgrade to a newer version of Microsoft Internet Explorer.
This problem can be generated after repairing Microsoft Office
This problem could be due to a change in the default web browser

One of these events can result in the following registry key to be missing or corrupted.

3.To resolve:
1).Go to the Attachments section of this article and locate the "HTML_fix.reg" file.
2).Copy this file to a temporary location on the problem computer.
3).Please backup the registry on the problem computer and save to temporary location before you proceed.
4).Double click "HTML_fix.reg" file. Click Yes, then click OK.
5).Restart the problem machine and check if the Hyperlinks are opening fine afterwards.



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