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16个不错的Visual Studio插件

英文原文:16 Best Visual Studio Extensions

  Microsoft Visual Studio(简称 VS)是美国微软公司的开发工具套件系列产品。VS 是一个基本完整的开发工具集,它包括了整个软件生命周期中所需要的大部分工具,如 UML 工具、代码管控工具、集成开发环境等等。所写的目标代码适用于微软支持的所有平台,包括 Microsoft Windows、Windows Mobile、Windows CE、.NET Framework、.NET Compact Framework 和 Microsoft Silverlight。(摘自维基百科

  Visual Assist X 这个高效插件很多程序员都应该熟悉。除此之外,Visual Studio 同样有很多插件,有助于开发人员/程序员的开发工作。本文收集整理了其他 16 个不错的插件。

  0. DevColor Extensions


  1. Snippet editor

  Snippet Designer 是一个开源插件,有助 VS 提供更为丰富和更为高效的编码经历。

  2. Productivity Power

  the Productivity Power Tools, your extension state (disabled or enabled) will be retained when you install a new version of the Tools as long as Visual Studio is running during the installation.

  3. Image Optimize

  在 Solution Explorer 中的任意文件夹和图片上增加一个右击菜单,可来优化文件夹中的 PNG、GIF 和 JPEG 文件。优化并不影响图片质量,优化过程采用了业内已证明的算法,用于移除 EXIF 信息和其他数据。

  4. VS Command 10 Extension

  VS Commands provides code navigation and generation improvements which will make your everyday coding tasks blazing fast and, together with tens of essential IDE enhancements, it will take your productivity to another level.

  5. Web Essentials

  The Live Web Preview tool window loads your website/project in a browser and will update every time you save or build. You can turn on live editing for CSS which lets you see your CSS changes on your actual website as you type each keystroke.

  6. JS Enhancements

  This extension provides outlining and matching braces highlighting features for Visual Studio JavaScript and CSS editor. Works both in JS/CSS files and HTML script/style blocks.

  7. Numbered Bookmarks

  Numbered Bookmarks allows users to create and recall bookmarks by using numbers. User can create 10 bookmarks (starting from 0 to 9). User can add or navigate to the particular bookmark by using the same shortcut key. The tool adds a bookmark margin to visual studio editor, next to scrollbar.

  8. FoxCop Integrator

  FxCop Integrator allows to integrate stand-alone FxCop and Code Metrics PoewrTool into VS2010. You can analysis your source code on VS2010 Pro.

  9. Code Compare

  Code Compare is a powerful file and folder comparison tool that demonstrates new level of code comparison. Advanced comparison approaches, which consider the peculiarities of different programming languages, make a significant advantage in code comparing.

  10. Open Folder in New Windows Explorer

  Extend the “Open Folder in Windows Explorer” context menu option to the code editor and to all files in solution explorer.

  11. Regular Expresion Margin

  A margin which exposes .Net Regular Expressions search and replace capabilities on a given code window. Toggle the margin by Alt+r. Navigate to next search by Alt+n. Navigate to previous earch by Alt+p. Escape key hides the margin and set focus back to the code window. Even if the margin is hidden, as long as there is search in the Find What textbox, it will continually do a search on text updates.

  12. Visual Studio Color Theme

  Allows users to customize the color palette used for menus, toolbars, tabs, title bars, and other environment colors.

  13. Spell Checker

  This extension provides spell checking support for various “natural language” portions of files. This includes:

  Plain text files (the entire file is spell checked)

  Source code (comments and strings are spell checked)

  HTML/ASP (things that aren’t HTML tags are spell checked)

  14. Triple Click

  Makes triple click select an entire line.

  15. Go To Definition

  Make ctrl+click perform a “Go To Definition” on the identifier under the cursor. Also, when the ctrl key is held down, highlight identifiers that look like they have definitions to navigate to.

  16. VsVim

  曾在@程序员的那些事 推荐过这个插件:VsVim,在 Visual Studio 2010 环境下模拟 Vim 。

  英文原文:16 Best Visual Studio Extensions 编译:伯乐在线 – 黄利民



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