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How to Schedule SyncToy

While you do not have to schedule SyncToy to use it, some users may find it helpful to schedule recurrent
SyncToy runs. Perhaps you have a folder pair that takes a long time to sync and you want to run SyncToy in the
middle of the night, for example.
SyncToy does not provide a user interface to schedule folder pairs to run at designated times. However, there is a
method to schedule tasks using the Microsoft Windows operating system.

To schedule a task using the operating system:
1. From the Start menu, select All Programs - Accessories - System Tools - Task Scheduler.
2. Select Create Basic Task in the Actions pane on the right.
3. Add a Name and Description and select Next.
4. Choose when you want the task to start and select Next.
5. Choose date/times (if applicable) to run task and select Next.
6. Choose Start a Program option and select Next.
7. Select Browse and locate the SyncToyCmd.exe.
8. Type "-R" in the Add Arguments textbox. 朢 all by itself will run all folder pairs that are active for run all. If
you want to run just a single folder pair, add 朢 揗y Pair to the end of the command line.

Note: If the folder pair name contains a space, surround it with quotation marks, as the example above
shows. For another example, assume that SyncToy is in the folder named C:\Program Files\SyncToy 2.0\
and that you want to run a folder pair named "My folder pair." Enter the command line as follows,
including the quotation marks: "C:\Program Files\SyncToy 2.0\SyncToyCmd.exe" -R "My folder pair." Note
that there are two sets of quotation marks in this case: one is around the path to the SyncToy program file
and the other surrounds the folder pair name.




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