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NOVOTS KMS .: 邮件/群件 .: 从SPAM Manager中释放出需要的邮件

从SPAM Manager中释放出需要的邮件

从SPAM Manager中释放出需要的邮件 现象:一用户收带有附件的邮件时,有如下提示邮件: “Your Spam Manager is holding messages that have been identified as Spam (junk email). These are summarized below. Note that the summary may still refer to messages that you have recently deleted. umber of Spam messages: 9 You may login to your Spam Manager here - (click or copy and paste into your web browser). If you no longer wish to receive these notifications or wish to change their frequency, then please login to your Spam Manager and select: Options -> Notifications.” 分析:这是SPAM Manager为了安全而自动做的过滤,当确定所收邮件没有恶意时,可以释放我们所需邮件到邮箱。 操作方法: 1.获取密码(第一次使用):点击提示信息中的Link,将出现一个登陆界面, 再点“Need a password”,此时输入该用户的邮箱名点“Send Password”,用户将收到一份来自Spam Manager带有密码的邮件。 2.登陆SPAM Manager并释放你需要的邮件。以用户的邮箱名为用户名,Spam Manager发来的密码为密码登陆到Spam Manager系统。勾选你需要的邮件,然后点“Release”, 该邮件会被完整地发到用户邮箱。



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