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NOVOTS KMS .: 工具软件 .: 如何在解密汇丰手提电脑---


Please remember to change the laptop harddisk model from “ACHI” to “compatibility” model in the BOIS before you boot from CD. After the decryption completed and before your rebuild the machine ,turn the model from “compatilibity”to “ACHI” mode.


1 Select No when you ask for “Network support”.

2 GO > Programs > SafeBoot WinTech.

3 Input the daily-changing 4 digit access code. The status will be changed to “Authorized”.

4 In the menu, select SafeBoot > Authenticate from Database.

5 Select the SDB file. The status will be changed to “Authenticated”

6 In the menu, select SafeBoot > Remove SafeBoot.    





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