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Lync presence coloured square not working when sending email in Outlook 2013

OK, I'm running Lync 2013 & Outlook 2013.

When I send an email from Outlook the small Lync presence icon that appears in the "To" field after you type the user your sending the email to does not appear. 燳ou get the user name but where the coloured square should be it's just white (like the background colour). �

If I hove the mouse pointer over the user name the pop-up contacts box shows the Lync presence correctly.

At the bottom of the new email window, the Lync presence is always shown correctly.

This happens for users with or without pictures set as their Lync icon.

I've completed a repair of the Office install without success. 燗lso uninstalled Lync & Office and re-installed but still no joy. 燗lso tried creating new Outlook profile but this didn't work.

If I create a brand new Windows 7 profile, and then create a new mail profile it works fine. 燬o, it must be a user profile problem. 燞opefully someone can point me to a registry key or something as I'd rather not go through the pain of migrating to a new user profile.





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