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Customer Service

                                        What's the importance of Customer Service

Good afternoon , guys . Today I am going to talk about what's the important of Customer Service ,


I worked for ABB IT Dept. as an IT consultant for nearly 2 years , we are in IT industry which is the third biggest industry in the word , as you know , we don't sell visible products , we offer intangible products called Service . It seems to like training and education industry , customers pay for high quality service .


First of all , Service awareness takes the first priority , why dose our vocation for ? Because of customers , they paid our salary . Customers are kings . However , customers might not identify that we are right there for helping them , they don't know when they took a complain to our boss and baffled us , we still help them to cope with problems . As long as they come across system issues now and then , they submit a Service Request on their PC or phone call us , even they don't have good moods at that time , they are likely to complain to us . All of the scenario  that we have to put our feet in customers shoes  . Otherwise , it will compound the problems and amplify these trivial things .


What's the far more important , you should enhance your Service Skills . What are the factors get on customers' nerves ? Lack of communication, overpromise , react slowly and talk to customers with bad attitude . These behavior not only discourage and drop off your customers' morale but also exasperate your performance of working , which is impact to your annual bonus . Further more , Learn to control expectations of clients then reach them ASAP .


In addition , remember , don't have some bad forms to deteriorate the satisfaction of your customers .  There is some tips to make your customer rely on you and building a long standing relationship with them . for example , Some employees resigned their job , these customers stick on looking for them and keeping their contacts on their cellphones . I heard someone in my company could memorize customers' voices or phone numbers before they pick up phone , they are able to greet  customers with their names ,  which is really favorable to all customers . A kind of customer type is whiner ,  I have ever met that sort of case , I was a sufferer to it and not discovering the resolution to handle them . Perhaps talk to you next time .


That's my nearsighted point of view , thanks for your time .



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