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how to create WIN8 OS profile

sometimes the issue should not be resolved and need create new windows profile for user. (for WIN8.1) The customer needs to be company network cable connection in the office. Wireless only will not work to get the profile recreated and VPN is not always reliable enough to do that.

1. Ask the customer if they are on cable connection. Verify that by taking remote assistance.

2. Ask the customer to close all the applications, and reboot the computer.

3. Once the computer rebooted, ask the customer to leave the computer at the logon screen (so they do not need to login)

4. Take Remote Desktop (RDP) with your Admin account.

5. Open File Explorer and go to c:users

6. Right click on c:userswwid (wwid of the customer) and click copy

7. Now go to c:temp and right click in the folder choosing Paste

8. You get an elevated prompt, please enter your admin details

9. Customers files will now be copied, this takes about 15 minutes.

10. When the copy completed right click on c:tempuserID and click on properties. Write down size of the folder

11. Open c:user and right click on userID and click on properties. Make sure the size is the same. Do not continue if the size is different!

12. Right click on the start button and click on System.

13. Click on Advanced System settings on the left. It will ask you for admin credentials, enter them and click ok.

14. In the system properties window, click on Advanced.

15. In the User profiles click on settings.

16. Now go to the correct profile and click on Delete

17. Verify that the wwid on the screen is the customers wwid and click on yes. This might take a few minutes.

18. Once complete click on OK and check that the c:userswwid folder is gone.

19. Right click on the Start button and select command prompt (Admin) and type your administrator credentials if asked for it.

20. Now type shutdown�-r and press enter in the command window. This will reboot the computer.

21. Once the computer rebooted ask the customer to login again, this will take longer than usual, because the profile needs to be redownloaded from the server.

22. Once the customer logged in, take remote assistance again.

23. Now MOVE (not copy) the following folders: C:tempuserIDContacts C:tempuserIDDesktop








To C:usersuserID

24. Profile rename is now complete. Important: Custom file share mappings are not copied over, and need to be mapped again. Printers need to be added again.



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