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NOVOTS KMS .: 操作系统 .: Microsoft Windows 98/ME/2K/XP .: WIN 7 blue screen issue

WIN 7 blue screen issue

Issue: A user's win 7 system often occurs a blue screen and don't have time to capture the code, then will shutdown the pc.

Possible reasons: System files corrupt, new software or updates have been installed recently, hardware issue.

Diagnosis:?checked softwares and updates, uninstalled these, checked his event log, found the error logs showing: Skipping: Eap method DLL path name validation failed. Error: typeId=43, authorId=9, vendorId=0, vendorType=0.

Solution 1:?go to start run '爏fc /scannow' in search window, check all the corrupt files and reboot.

Solution 2(from Microsoft website):

Collect Minidump Files


1. Click "Start", input "SYSDM.CPL" (without quotation marks) in the 揝earch?bar and press 揈nter?

2. Switch to the "Advanced" tab and click the "Settings" button under "Startup and Recovery".

3. Under "Write debugging information" section, make sure the "Small memory dump (128KB)" option is selected.

4. Make sure "%SystemRoot%Minidump" is in the "Small dump directory" open box and click 揙K?


If the Blue Screen appears again, please refer to the following steps to collect memory dump files:


1. Click 揝tart? type ?SystemRoot%Minidump" (without quotation marks) in 揝earch?bar and press 揈nter?

2. Go to your Desktop, right-click on it and create a new folder named "Dump".

3. Copy all the memory dump files (looks like [Mini092008-01.dmp]) in Minidump to this folder.

4. Right-click on the Dump folder, click "Send To", and click "Compressed (zipped) Folder".



You may also analyze them with Debugging Tools by yourself. You can install it and it抯 Symbol Packages from the following link:



WinDbg will tell you the possible cause. For more information, please read Microsoft KB Article: How to read the small memory dump files that Windows creates for debugging.


If no clue can be found, you may contact Microsoft Customer Service and Support (CSS) via telephone so that a dedicated Support Professional can assist with your request. To troubleshoot this kind of kernel crash issue, we need to debug the crashed system dump. Unfortunately, debugging is beyond what we can do in the forum. Please be advised that contacting phone support will be a charged call.


To obtain the phone numbers for specific technology request please take a look at the web site listed below:


solution 3: register alll the dll files of system.

With all these solutions, it should solve the problem. if not, then repair system or hardware issue!





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